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What Big Fat E-Juice Has No Calories? Meet Vaporfi’s Chubby 100ML Flavors 

Chubby Gorilla Eliquids

 I’ve come across a few e-juice companies that are expanding not only their e-liquid selections, but their bottles as well. Vaporfi is one of the better brands producing big bottles in 100ml! They aptly call them “Chubby”.

Will E-Cigarettes Be Safer After Regulations Take Effect?

ecigarettes safer after FDA regulations

The FDA has set regulations on e-cigarettes. Does that mean they’ll be safer when regulations have passed? Here are some facts and answers to common questions.

Why ECigarettes Are 95% Less Harmful Than Cigarettes

Why ecigs are less harmful than cigarettes-ecigarettenews.net

This helpful infographic will open your eyes to the facts about the safety and effectiveness of electronic cigarettes.

ECigarette News – 2015 Late Summer Edition

vaping less harmful headline

ECigarette news headlines in the UK report e-cigarettes are about 95% less harmful than smoking. The US FDA moves on the offensive.

E-Cigarette News