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Mastervaper Answers Your Valentine’s E-Cigarette Questions

It’s the month of love and E-CigaretteNews’ Mastervaper has the perfect answer to your hottest questions; especially if you’re thinking of giving and ecig to your significant other.

Win a V2Cigs Ultimate Kit!

E-Cigarette News V2Cigs Ultimate Kit Giveaway

Win a V2Cigs Ultimate Kit from Vaper Girl and ecigarettenews.net. A great Valentine’s Day gift for someone you love….even yourself!

Regulators Claim E-Cigarette Advertisers Use Cartoons to Sell Products to Children

Ecigarette news Ventriloquist and vaper taster tester Chucky Chester

Opponents of e-cigarettes continue to claim advertisers use cartoons to sell e-cigs to children. Here is an editorial from a former Cartoon Network executive.

Smoking Can Rot Your Brain

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We all know smoking tobacco cigarettes is bad for your lungs, but now there’s new evidence that smoking can rot your brain.

What Is An E-Cigarette?

woman lady smoking e-cigarette

We’re spreading the good news about electronic cigarettes ( e-cigarettes), and why they are swiftly displacing the century old vice of smoking tobacco.

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