FDA Regulations on Age Verification for Vapor Products Begin Today

Last updated on December 5th, 2021

Age Verification Requirements Start Today, August 8th, 2016 on Vapor Products

FDA Regulations on electronic cigarette products are happening now, starting with age verification requirements.

Many of you have already heard about this new regulation, which requires that you confirm your legal vaping age when you purchase any vapor product.

If you visit a vape shop, expect to present a legal ID. The government is cracking down on shop owners who sell any of their products to minors.

What About Purchasing Vaping Products Online?

The process is actually not difficult, and many websites have made the verification process simple. Some companies have been able to pre-verify many of their regular customers, so you may wish to check your account, as you may already be pre-verified.

For customers not pre-verified, beginning today, August 8th 2016, ecig websites will ask you to fill out an age verification form. Many sites are making sure your shopping experience is effected as little as possible. 

The automated age verification process is usually very easy.  Even if you fail the automated age verification, (despite being old enough to order vape products in your jurisdiction), most sellers have put a secondary manual verification process in place.

With age verification going into effect this week, vapor companies are giving back by offering attractive discounts on products.

Vaporfi always has some kind of ejuice sale. They also run specials on their hardware.

What's The Legal Age to Purchase Vaping Products?

Different states have different age limits to purchase e-cigarette products. Although the FDA’s regulations on tobacco products set the age at 18, some states made the purchasing age even higher.

Alabama, Alaska, and Utah require that the purchaser is at least 19.

You have to be 21 to buy ecigs in California, Hawaii, Maine, Oregon and New Jersey.

If a new law, called Tobacco21 gets passed, the federal law will require that you are at least 21 to purchase vaping products. 

Help Protect Your Right to Vape

ECigarettenews.net invites you to join us in continuing to fight for your right to an alternative to smoking by visiting casaa.org.  This consumer rights group offers easy-to-sign petitions that are sent to your legislators. 

Thank you!

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