Vaporizer Starter Kits from the Top Five E-Cigarette Companies

Last updated on December 5th, 2021

Compare the Best Vaporizer and eGo Ecigarettes

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Are you ready to take on a more rewarding, more customized vaping experience?

Are you willing to move beyond simply charging a battery and screwing on a flavor cartridge?

If so, you’re ready for a second generation e-cigarette known as a Personal Vaporizer; one that gives you greater control over your e-liquid flavors, vapor production, throat hit and more.

I know,..making the move to a more sophisticated vaping machine can be overwhelming. It was almost overwhelming just testing the scores of new and innovative ecig products sent to our staff this month, but our mission is to help you move towards your goal to vape on,.. and to provide you with unbiased reviews so you can make an educated decision on the right kit for your vaping style and budget. 

Here Is E-Cigarette News’ Guide to the Best Vaporizer and eGo Starter Kits

#1 – VAPORFI offers a wide range of stylish vaporizers. All models shown below have bottom coil atomizers*. Model features get more advanced with price.

Vaporfi's Best Vaporizers Air - Pro - Platinum - Pulse - Rocket - Rebel

– The economical Air Starter Kit is a great intro model that fits in the palm of your hand. The battery is 350 mAh; more powerful than a stick ecig, so it will hold a charge longer. The refillable 0.9ml e-liquid tank will last 30-90 days (depending on your vaping style) and is built to be replaceable.

– The Pro Starter Kit has a more powerful battery than the Air, in fact, you can choose your preferred voltage. It comes with an EVOD style tank that has a vertical view e-liquid window, but like all of Vaporfi’s vaporizers (except for the AIR), the battery (available in many colors) is compatible with their higher end tanks including the glass tanks** – the Platinum, Titanium and Rocket tanks. 

– The Platinum Pro Kit has a larger 2.5 capacity tank with 6 parts you can take apart to clean thoroughly.

-The Pulse Vaporizer comes with a handy charging stand.

– The Rocket Vaporizer comes with 1600 mAh Variable Voltage Battery and Clearomizer Tank with Airflow Control.

– The Rebel Stainless Steel Vaporizer has a Telescopic Variable Voltage, a dual coil atomizer***, and both battery and tank are interchangeable with any brand commercially available.


South Beach Smoke mix and match vaporizers

South Beach Smoke mix and match vaporizers

#2 –SOUTH BEACH SMOKE – SBS has some classic, easy to use vaporizers that are great for beginner and intermediate vapers.

– The little AIR eGo Kit, the feminine Curve eGo Starter Kit and the convenient Storm Starter Kit all have e-liquid saving bottom coil atomizers and come in lots of colors. You can even choose the color of your tank as well as your battery.

SBS’s more advanced Thunder Starter Kit has a variable volt 1300 aMh battery, a nice airflow control tank, and the dual coil atomizer, known to create greater clouds of vapor. The South Beach website has a convenient Custom Vaporizer Builder. 

Kit Prices Start at $29.99

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Note: All the above e-cigarette sellers also sell their own e-liquid. Remember you don’t have to buy your e-liquids from the same company that sells you your vaporizer.

I recommend these best selling, best tasting e-liquid brands (in order of preference)



Kind Juice  

The electronic cigarette industry is constantly evolving, and more people are using electronic cigarettes and vaporizers because they are so effective.

Have you successfully made the switch? If so, leave us a comment.

We’ll keep this page updated as new ecig vaporizers become popular, so bookmark this page and visit us often.

*Bottom Coil, (the heating element is at the bottom of the atomizer. This allows for longer lasting eliquids).

**Glass/Pyrex Clearomizer Tanks are the best and will never crack or melt when using popular e-liquid flavors known to crack plastic tanks.

***Top coil clearomizers have the heating element is near the top of the atomizer. Long wicks soak up the eliquid.

****Dual coil atomizers:  These very popular bottom coil atty's are best suited for variable volt batteries. They allow for greater vapor production and taste; but you will deplete your battery much faster.

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