Vaporfi’s Best eGo Style Vaporizers – The Pro and the Rocket

Last updated on January 11th, 2020

VaporFi's Top eGo Style Vaporizers – The Pro and the Rocket 

Vaporfi ecigs cut prices

We at E-cigarette News are big fans of VaporFi (formerly known as VaporZone). They are the sister company of best selling e-cigarettes South Beach Smoke. We recently tested their line of eGo style vaporizers and accessories and boy.. were we surprised. This post has been update since Vaporfi has introduced more advanced Vape Pens. Have a look at two of their most popular model – The Pro and the Rocket.

VaporFi is perhaps best known for it’s mix and match e-liquids where you can design your own flavors by choosing up to 3 different e-juices and strengths from their enormous flavor selection. That means there are over 30,000 combinations you can design to your own liking. That said, Vaporfi has really outdone itself with their innovative high-end second generation e-cig kits and accessories.

High Style And Power

VaporFi has scores of outstanding vape pens and vaporizers besides their traditional rechargeable e-cigarette, and new models are always being released. They vary from a compact refillable vaporizer called the Air (not to be confused with the SouthBeachSmoke Air), all the way up to a powerful vaporizer for dry herbs called the Atom, that’s a major contender in the high-end line of vaporizers.

This review features two of our favorites within the extensive VaporFi vaporizer lineup — the Pro Line and the Rocket

The VaporFi Pro

Vaporfi Pro Vape Pen Kit -

Vaporfi Pro Kit

If you’re worried about dealing with a complicated vaporizer, forget it. The Vaporfi Pro is really easy to handle and the a 2.5ml tank has the best “Mouth to Lung” vaping experience. This technology mimics the traditional smoking experience better than other product with standard vape technology. 

The also Pro 3 features top fill tank design so there's no chance you'll spill your juice. The 1000mah battery produces major vapor. As really holds a charge. I can usually vape for the whole day before the battery runs out of power. Charging is super easy – just plug and go.

One of the nice features of Vaporfi’s Pro Kit is that it comes with an additional Pro 3 2.0ohm Atomizer. Very handy to have on hand when your first atty burns out after a month or so of vaping. 

The Pro comes with a long lasting 650mah battery and you can choose one of their hot colored Pro batteries as there are eight from which to choose. You can even choose a different color for your tank, and you can add a drip tip to your order if you like.

As of this posting, the Pro is only $39.99 for the kit which is a huge reduction from it's original cost of $89.99. E-liquid is not included. If you think this vape pen is for you can get from this direct link.

VaporFi also offers the Rocket Vaporizer 3 with a powerful variable wattage and temperature control mode. This 2500mAh battery produces awesome clouds and great flavor. It comes with a 0.5ohm pre-installed atomizer as well as one additional 0.1 ohm Ni200 atomizer. What I like best is all these features are usually just offered with a MOD vaporizer, but you can enjoy all with this simple vape pen.

There is one downside to the Rocket 3. I found it to be a bit heavy, so it's not very portable.  

The Rocket is currently selling for $49.99.

If you think this vape pen is for you can get from this direct link.

All VaporFi hardware comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

vaporfi rocket vaporizer

Vaporfi Rocket Vape Pen

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