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Last updated on December 5th, 2021

Vaporfi – The Widest Variety of E-Cigarette Styles, Custom E-Liquids and High Safety Standards

Vaporfi ecigs cut prices

I’ve just tested out the new e-cigarettes from Vaporfi and they are definitely e-cigarette newsworthy! Why else would I spend my Christmas holiday writing this glowing review?  

100% Pure US Made E-Liquid and Custom Flavors

VaporZone Custom Blends e-cigarette Vaporfi is one of the few electronic cigarette companies that meet our uber-high standards, combining e-liquid purity, totally anal safety standards, and custom features that would impress even the snobbiest e-cig aficionados, (and I’ve met a few). But talk about exotic flavored e-juice, Vaporfi’s e-liquid is made with Malaysian Palm glycerine. Hey, they even say their liquid is Certified Kosher!

Vaporfi's NicTech line has a whopping 31 flavors that you can mix and match yourself. You can choose your preferred PG/VG ratio as well as the nicotine level in your blend. 

How about a Chocolate/Mango blend? Too exotic for your taste? Then choose from Vaporfi's many custom blends such as Java Jolt/Very Vanilla/Creme de la Creme, or Devine Cheesecake.  I’m thinking of getting Mastervaper a Christmas gift of Tobacco/Strawberrylicious e-liquid. Not for the faint of heart and certainly not for anyone under 18.

Pick Your Shots

Vaporfi not only lets you mix up to three e-liquid flavors, you select your nicotine level and your flavor shots! What's a flavor shot? Just like getting extra shots of expresso at Starbucks, Vaporfi liquids let you intensify your e-juice. 

I've started testing a few of their e-liquid flavors and can report that the caramel tobacco flavor is quite nice as is their red apple, although the caramel tobacco does have some fragrant undertones and the apple is a bit on the sweet side. As with most e-liquids (and a good curry) they taste better after the first 12 hours. Our flavor taster tester, Chucky Chester has reviewed several more flavors too.

The Widest Variety of E-Cigarette Styles If 51 flavors aren't enough to get you excited about Vaporfi, have a look at their starter kits that start from just $19.99.

VaporZone Express vaporizer e-cigarette

Express Starter Kit This is Vaporfi’s tamest, most traditional e-cigarette. It’s made with a sanitary cartridge that need no filling with e-liquid. The atomizer is in the cart. Vaporfi's has a safety chip that prevents it from overcharging.


I’m also really impressed with the Vaporfi website which is a joy to navigate. How refreshing.  I’ve long been a fan of International Vapor Group’s products, so I’m expecting no less from Vaporfi.   

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