V2Cigs Pro Series – Review

Last updated on November 20th, 2019

V2's Pro Series Lets You Vape Leaves, Oils, Wax and E-Liquids


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V2 Pro Series 3 and series 7 vaproizer

You may have heard that the e-cigarette industry is swiftly becoming famous for introducing technological advances at lightning speed. V2, while no longer at the head of the pack with their Pro Series of Vape Pens.

V2 made a name for itself by producing one of the best traditional e-cigarettes sold, but consumer ratings have dropped.

Magnets and More Advanced Vaping Options

V2's line of vaporizers have magnetic features, and the Pro Series  has special cartridges for your favorite loose leaves and essential oils. Those cartridges are not including in the kit, so you'll have to buy them separately.

Vaping Real Tobacco and More

Why fire up those leaves when you can do it without nasty combustion? 

Tobacco, herbs, flowers or whatever leaves you enjoy, are heated producing a smoother vapor that won't burn your throat. There’s no flame or combustion, so of course there’s never any real smoke – just vapor. 

V2Pro Series 3 vaping vaporizers

V2 Pro Series 3

Style, Power and Performance

The batteries come in black, blue or steel, are 4.2 volts, 650 mAh and can last for over a day depending on your vaping style. 

Charging the Pro is easy with themagnetic USB charger which fits any USB port.  If you’re plugged into your computer, you can enjoy vaping right away. 

The basic Pro 3 kit has one refillable e-liquid cartridge. You do have to buy your own e-liquid, of course.

I do not recommend you use e-juices that have a high vegetable glycerine content (VG) with this particular vaporizer as the Pro3 cartridge is made for thicker e-liquids. Thinner, max VG eliquids can get too hot. 


V2 Pro Series 3 vaporizer wax cartridgeIf you’re an aromatherapy maven, or just fancy vaping oils, wax or gels, you can now do it with both the Pro Series 3 or Series 7 Wax Cartridge, compatible with both essential oils, waxes, gels and similar compounds.

After testing the new Wax Cartridge I learned things. First make sure you hold the tank vertically, especially when adding wax. You want the wax to settle quickly at the bottom of the cartridge. Next, use the pick end of the scoop provided in the kit to plug a hole in the wax or gel down to the bottom of the cartridge. This maximizes the air flow. Drop the magnetic cartridge back into the pen chamber, press the activation button and enjoy major vapor clouds. 


V2 Pro Series 7 personal vaporizer


The V2 Pro Series 7 

Looking for a smaller vaporizer pen that has Cartridges for e-liquids, loose leaves and essential oils, waxes and gels? The new Pro Series 7. This V2 kit has all the features of the Pro Series 3 but has a shorter profile and comes with Cartridges for both e-liquids and loose leaves.

The Pro Series 7 is a more powerful vaporizer than the Series 3 so you'll get greater cloud production. Even though the battery looks smaller, it's a longer lasting 1800 mAh. The Series 7 kit includes:

  • Vaporizer
  • Liquid Cartridge
  • Loose Leaf Cartridge
  • USB Charger
  • Wall Adapter
  • Pick & Brush


Wrapping Up This Review

If you're looking for a mid-priced vaporizer that handles e-liquids as well as dry herbs V2 has a decent product. I do know that delivery times have become very slow and customer service is far from great which is why I don't recommend V2 products highly.

Davinci vaporizers (such as the MIQRO) are superior, and they have a safer air pathway, but expect to  pay more.



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