What is the Top E-Cigarette Producer? Wells Fargo Analyst Confirms the Winner

Last updated on October 15th, 2023


JUUL ecigarette reviewWells Fargo Reports that JUUL Has Become the Top E-Cigarette Producer

In November, 2017, Bonnie Herzog, a well-known analyst at Wells Fargo, wrote in a report citing Nielsen data, that Juul now controls 32.9 percent of the market.

That beats European cigarette company British American Tobacco (makers of Vype vape pens, at 27.4 percent.

Juul’s flat, lightweight devices, shaped like USB sticks, hit the market in mid-2015 and have become wildly popular with vapers looking for an easy to use, satisfying alternative to cigarettes.

On December 20, 2018, Altria, one of the world's largest cigarette manufacturers, bought 35% of Juul for $12.8 billion.

Why is JUUL Such a Popular E-cigarette?

Vapers who use the JUUL as their smoking alternative report the following reasons why they prefer it to other vaping products: 

  1. Ease of Use – The sleek design includes pop-in E-Liquid Pods. It’s very lightweight (portable, great for travel). Charging is fast and easy. No mess, no fuss.
  2. 5% Nicotine – Nicotine content is one of the highest available at 5%.
  3. Nic Salts – The e-juice uses Nicotine Salts – a patented formula that is very different from the “free-base nicotine” formulas used by tobacco companies and most e-liquid companies. This formula also make the vape less harsh.
  4. Great Taste -Users like the vapor production which they say is full and rich tasting.
  5. Fair Price – The JUUL comes at an affordable price. A kit currently costs $49.99.  Flavor pod replacements have auto-ship discounts.
  6. Ladies' Choice – This ecig is popular with women who prefer an elegant, sleek, no hassle design.


JUUL Labs Has a New CEO Who Plans to Take the company to the Next Level

In 2017 JUUL Labs spun away from PAX Labs (makers of loose leaf vaporizers) to focus on the JUUL e-cigarette market.

The devices were becoming so popular, the company could not keep up with the demand for their e-liquid pods. They also knew consumers would expect a larger variety of ejuice flavors, and battery colors.

What is JUUL Labs Doing Now to Improve Their Product?

In mid 2018 JUUL announced it would be offering 3% nicotine level pods. This is a tremendous advantage to so many who love the JUUL's style but would prefer a lower nic level. 

In December 2017 – JUUL started offering customers flavor pods in Cool Cucumber and Classic Tobacco and Classic Menthol. 

We tested the new flavors and they are quite impressive. We also noticed that the newer batteries hold a charge much longer.

In 2019 – Retail vape shops and the JUUL website no longer sells JUUL's flavored pods – only Tobacco, Menthol and Mint.  As always, you must be 21 or older to make a purchase.

Looking for an alternative to the JUUL closed pod system? Check out the Best Vape Pod Systems.

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