This Little E-Cig is a Big Winner with Vapers

Last updated on February 8th, 2021


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Why Are Vapers Switching to this Super High Nicotine Ecig?

JUUL high nicotine pod vape


Vapor products are never marketed as smoking cessation devices, but that hasn't stopped vapers from claiming some high nicotine ecigs help them to quit. 

Enter JUUL Vapes – A Real Alternative to Cigarettes

One ecig company, PAX (better known for their loose leaf and oil extract vaporizers) designed the JUUL ecig.

Now owned by JUUL Labs, the company is brave enough to say their product is a “Real Alternative to Cigarettes”. So what makes the JUUL the better alternative? There are several reasons, one being the outrageous nicotine content. 

Each JUUL e-liquid pod contains a whopping 50mg/mL of nicotine per pod. That’s equivalent to a pack of cigarettes. Most e-liquids and pre-filled ecig cartridges contain anywhere from zero to 36mg/mL of nicotine.

When I tested the JUUL I was blown away. The nic hit is major; very much like a ecigarette and more impressive than many high-end vaporizers. JUUL may perhaps be too powerful for some vapers, but it will definitely satisfy most smokers. 

As a smoker, the Juul is actually comparable to actual cigarettes in terms of taste and sensation.

    Jordan Crook, Editor, TechCrunch


The JUUL Nicotine Formula

An interesting feature of JUUL's nicotine formula is that it’s patented. Pax says it uses “Natural Nicotine Salts”, which is the same type of nicotine found in tobacco leaves. The formula also adds the naturally occurring acid found in the tobacco plant which, according to the JUUL team creates the “cigarette-like nicotine delivery”. Tobacco companies use a free-base nicotine formula to accelerate the delivery.

I’m not a chemist, but I have heard of free-basing and easily get the drift of why it’s supposed to be less stable.

JUUL ecig kit

                                 JUUL STARTER KIT

Best Hardware Features of the JUUL

  • The JUUL ecig is tiny, so it fits easily into pocket or purse. It’s also very slim and lightweight – under 1oz.
  • Unlike other ecig cig-alikes, it has a flat, rectangular design so when you put it down, it won't roll away.
  • The little flavor pods are pre-filled and pop into the JUUL battery easily. At the time of this posting, JUUL has 5 pod flavors and you can expect to get 200 puffs per pod.
  • A liquid-to-wick cartridge system ensures thick, consistent, flavorful vapor.
  • There are no buttons or switches, simply insert your JUUL pod into the battery and draw. (make sure it’s always well connected).
  • The battery charges very quickly. It attaches magnetically into the USB charger.
  • The indicator glows while the battery is charging and during use to reflect pull strength. When pod is inserted, you can tap your device twice to show charge level.

green = high

 yellow = medium

red = low

There are only 3 products to sell – the beautiful JUUL Starter Kit, the flavor pods and a USB charger (in case you need a spare). They now offer a spare battery and they often have limited edition flavor pods. 

JUUL ecig flavor pods on

Men’s Fitness called the JUUL “the iPhone of E-Cigs”

Wired Magazine said “This might just be the first great E-Cig”

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