Review of Halo E-Cigs Triton Tank System

Last updated on December 21st, 2019


Halo ECigs once was a PC Magazine Award Winner


There’re no denying that for an e-cigarette eGo, Halo’s Triton Tank System is the closest thing to flawless in an ecig vaporizer, (and I’ve tested quite a few). It always gives me a flavorful, smooth draw without harshness.

I could rave on about their ultra pure e-liquids, but in this review I’ll focus on the Triton Tank and Battery.

How Big is Your eGo? 

The eGo-style electronic cigarette is becoming more popular as vapers move up to intermediate-level electronic cigarettes, so if you’re looking for a powerful eGo kit that’s easy to use, produces clouds of vapor and has a long lasting battery I recommend it highly. The Triton Tank was one of my first vaporizers. After over a year of heavy use, it's still going strong.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Two batteries – your choice of either 400 mAh or 650 mAh. Choose from a great selection of 11 colors.

Two Crystal Clear Tanks

1 USB charger

1 Wall Charger

1 Matching Cartridge Cone

1 Padded Case

I chose the 650 mAh battery mainly because it holds a charge longer..far longer than any other small sized, lightweight eGo system I’ve tested.

Crystal Clear Halo Tanks

One of the best features of the Triton Tanks Crystal Clear Tanks (shown above) is that they display a handy fluid guide so you don’t overfill it. The tanks are also easy to fill because of the coil placement. It's raised, so there’s less chance you’ll spill e-liquid into the atomizer. They're easy to clean too, but if you like to vape different flavored e-liquids and can’t be bothered with taking apart the tank and cleaning it, you can purchase spare tanks pretty cheaply on Halo’s website. These Crystal Clear Tanks hold up to 2.4ml of e-liquid which allows you to vape for up to two days without having to refill it.

Halo’s Triton battery uses a KR808 style threading which lets you use either the Crystal Clear Tanks, the mini tanks or even Halo’s exceptional prefilled G6 cartridges.

There’s even a matching cone included in the kit which fits nicely over the G6 cartridge to prevent any heat you might experience when using a cartridge with this powerful eGo Battery.

The Triton Tank System comes in a classy black padded case which is a step above the cardboard cases supplied with most e-cigarette kits. It’s compact so you can even use it as a carry case.

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