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Vaporizer Starter Kits from the Top Five E-Cigarette Companies

South Beach Smoke mix and match vaping vaporizers

Here are the Best E-Cig eGo’s and Vaporizers from the Top Five E-cigarette Companies. Our list includes details about starter kit features and prices.

V2Cigs Pro Series – Review

V2 Pro Series 3 and series 7 vaproizer

V2Cigs Pro Series has magnetic features and special cartridges for oils and leaves as well as e-liquid. Here’s our review. 

Vaporfi’s Best eGo Style Vaporizers – The Pro and the Rocket

Vaporfi ecigs cut prices

We’re big fans of Vaporfi (formerly known as VaporZone) so we tested their line of eGo style vaporizers and accessories and boy.. were we surprised.

Review of Halo E-Cigs Triton Tank System

Halo Triton Tank vaping vaporizers

Halo’s Triton Tank System is one of the most outstanding eGo e-cigarettes I’ve tested.Their e-liquids are tops too. Here’s an in-depth review.

NEwhere Disposable eCigar Review

NEwhere Boss eCigar

New ecig company NEwhere’s Boss ECigar has quite a kick and zero Nicotine. You’ll enjoy a whopping 1000 puffs of really thick vapor before you toss it away.

V2Cigs EX Batteries with Glowing LED Power Indicator

V2Cigs EX Batteries

Sleek new V2Cigs EX Batteries have great vapor, long lasting e-cigarette batteries and a new cartridge sleeve

Top Five E-Cigarettes for 2014 – E-Cigarette News

Top Five

2014 is seeing some awesome new e-cig companies that are offering unprecedented hardware and flavor selections. Here are our Top 5 Picks for the best e-cigarettes on the market.

Vaporfi – Mix Your Own Exotic E-Liquids and State of the Art Vaporizers

Vaporfi ecigs cut prices

Vaporfi, is one of the few electronic cigarette companies that meet our uber-high standards, combining e-liquid purity, totally anal safety standards, and custom features that would impress even the snobbiest e-cig affectionados.. (and I’ve met a few).

Good News – Vapor Couture Re-Vamps Their Accessories

Here’s some good e-cigarette news. Vapor Couture the first slim e-cigarette designed for women has a stunning, sophisticated new website design, and a cool new line of accessories.

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