NEwhere Disposable eCigar Review

Last updated on November 20th, 2019


If You’re a Cigar Smoker Who’s Ready to Switch to an eCigar, NEwhere has Them! 

NEwhere Boss eCigar

I just tested new disposable e-cigarette company NEwhere's Boss ECigar and they have quite a kick despite the fact that they have zero nicotine. You will however, enjoy a whopping 1000 puffs of really thick vapor before you toss it away and open a fresh pack.

NEwhere’s Boss eCigar really looks like a cigar. Even the end tip looks like packed tobacco; that is until to take a puff and it lights up blue.

Flavors – Unlikely But Nice

If you’re looking for a cigar tobacco flavor, you won’t find them yet from NEwhere. That’s fine with me, as I find cigar smoke more offensive than tobacco smoke. I rather enjoyed their Watermelon flavored e-Cigar which really tastes just like watermelon. The Orange Pineapple eCigar was true to taste a well. Not sickly sweet as are certain e-cigarette flavored cartridges.

True cigar aficionados may not be satisfied with this fruit flavored vape, but for those who are looking to get away from smoking tobacco and still want the feel of a Parejo shaped cigar, this eCigar is an excellent choice…and it sure is cheaper than a “disposable” $32 Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona.

NEwhere’s disposable Boss eCigars cost $19.99…still more economical than a popular low priced tobacco cigar.

Proud New Father?

I highly recommend Boss eCigars as a perfect “socially correct” hand out gift for new fathers! Now all the NEwhere company needs to do is to offer blue and pink cigar bands along with their innovative new product.

NEwhere offers Free Shipping, and a 30 Day Money Back Warranty no questions asked. I do believe that’s a first for any company that sells disposable ecig products.

There’s also a 1 year Warranty on defective products for USA Orders. This applies to all their great disposables – e-cigarettes and e-Hookah included.


NEwhere E-Cigars

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