Here Are The Best Ecigs & Vaporizers For 2017

Last updated on July 20th, 2023

Best ECigs and Vaporizers for 2017


The history of mod and tank design has been either boring and conservative, or outrageous and strange. Some vapers prefer the conservative aesthetic while others enjoy the wild and outrageous design aesthetic…(today) more than a few manufacturers have been paying attention to ‘western design aesthetics’. 

                                                                       -Spinfuel Magazine

Looking for the Best Ecigs & Vaporizers for 2017? 

When I started writing this post I asked myself, “What important innovations are setting the standard of excellent for this year's ecigs, vaporizers and other vapor products?”

2017 is an important year as the US government will require all vapor products be approved and registered with the FDA by August. In addition, all e-liquid ingredients must be listed, including those that some believe are harmful, (such as Diacetyl, Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl).

Taking all that into consideration, I thought it fair to first list the most reputable vapor companies; those who are ready to comply fully with all regulations.

Note – Some big companies, that were on the top of the list, including the makers of the high-end Provari vaporizers chose to shut down rather than incur the costs of FDA requirements.

The companies on my list are known for taking proper safety measures and are known for only selling “non-clone” vaporizers and e-cigs. They're also receiving the most positive feedback from their customers. I indicate whether they're preferred by new, intermediate or advanced vapers.

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What About Discount Sellers? Do They Offer the Best Ecigs & Vaporizers?

Discount vapor companies may be attractive, but too many are selling clones or knock-offs that may not have the quality (or safety) features of the original product. I do list one discount company, that stands above the others.

What About Convenience Store Vape Products?

Sorry, none of the e-cigarette brands sold at drug stores and convenient stores made the list, despite their popularity. My aversion to vapor products manufactured by the big tobacco companies did not affect my decision.


UPDATE! PLEASE NOTE, MANY VAPES THAT CAME OUT IN 2017 ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE! We've updated this post to include the latest vapes from trusted sellers, Vaporfi and DirectVapor




  • STILL a Great Choice for Beginner to Advanced Vapers. 
  • Sophisticated, slim, easy to use design that's very portable.

Review: Not everyone needs massive, billowing clouds to enjoy vaping. Sometimes you just want a quality vape pen that has the feel of a cigarette over a heavier “MOD” vaping device. I recommend this easy-to-use e-cig from Vaporfi. The Express model is so uncomplicated, easy to set up and reliable. You get great flavor, good vapor production and an elegant, very portable profile. The basic kit includes a long and a short battery and 2 chargers. You add your choice of cartridge. There are 3 styles – pre-filled, refillable cartridge, and refillable mini Clearomizer. If you want a kit complete with e-juice and a carry case, get the Express Bundle. 


Looking for a discount ecig company that won't sell you a Clone? One company stands apart, and that's DirectVapor. Here's the Vaporesso Gen 200 Starter Kit. There's lots of power, and cool advanced features, and the kit comes with everything you need, except the juice.

Vaporesso Gen 200 Starter Kit.




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