The Top Five E-Cigarettes for 2015

Last updated on December 21st, 2019

A Vaper's Guide to the Best E-Cigarettes for 2015


Top Five Ecigarettes for 2015


2015 was a remarkable year for electronic cigarettes. Here are some of the milestones:

  • Since the Oxford English Dictionary named “VAPE” the word of the year in 2014, many ecigarette companies choose to incorporate the ‘vape' word into their product names and advertising.
  • There are now over 60 million vapers around the world.
  • More doctors started recommending e-cigarettes to their patients who smoked tobacco cigarettes and WebMD promoted the story.
  • Public Health England shook up the vaping world by reporting that ecigarettes were about 95% safer than tobacco cigarettes.

With ecig regulations close at hand, the best electronic cigarette companies aren’t sitting back waiting to be fingered for inferior parts or suspect chemicals in e-liquids; they’re preparing with strict safety standards that include highly stable batteries, warning features on high Watt advanced vaporizers and 100% pure, third-party tested e-liquid ingredients (that are Diacetyl, Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl free), and stable tanks, cartridges and batteries.

Here are E-Cigarette News' picks for the Top Rated Ecig Companies for 2015 and 2016. Each one is geared to specific style and taste.

1 – VaporFi

VaporFi (formerly VaporZone) has one of the best traditionally styled e-cigarettes that can accommodate both prefilled and refillable cartridges.

Their Express Starter Kit has a crystal-tip battery that is advanced lithium ion technology meaning it is more stable than lithium polymer batteries which can burn out or overcharge. The kit is priced right at only $29.99 because you purchase your preferred cartridge separately. Choose from a prefilled cartridge, refillable cartridge or or clear (refillable) mini Cartomizer that holds.9 ml of eliquid.

Looking for customized vaporizer? Perhaps you prefer a glass tank? Vaporfi has it with their new on-line Custom Kit Builder that lets you choose colors and battery power as well as tank styles from an easy to use custom kit builder. Your vaporizer is displayed as you build the components.

VaporFi has kept up with ecig innovation. In 2016 they introduced the VOXTC 50Watt Temperature Control MOD – an advanced ecig that even handles sub-ohm vaping with added safety features.

2- Apollo – Reliable, Popular and Very Affordable

Apollo Cigs is no newcomer to the market. They've been around since 2010. Always keeping up with product innovation, their line of excellent electronic cigarettes have been consistently growing and improving.

Apollo has a wide rage of products – from beginner Starter Kits to Advanced Kits. They also have very economical Express Kits for those who don't want to spend a lot on their first ecig. 

The company also sells popular third party vaporizers, tanks and accessories, all at a discount prices.

Vape Apollo ecigarettes- ecigarette news

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