Video on California’s Still Blowing Smoke Campaign Will Blow Your Mind

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Last updated on November 20th, 2019

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The Truth About Vaping – Why They Hate Us

Harmful propaganda aimed at destroying the E-Cigarette Industry is EXPOSED as a Political Agenda to Protect State Revenues

In response to the 2015 California public health department’s e-cigarette awareness campaign and website, Still Blowing Smoke, vaping and public health advocates challenged the validity of the California campaign, boldly exposing the lies with a nearly identical (and equally powerful) website called Not Blowing Smoke.

We were blown away by this video from Not Blowing Smoke which reveals  the financial relationship between state governments and Big Tobacco, and exposes the ugly truth behind anti-e-cigarette campaigns orchestrated in California, New York and other major political venues.

It’s becomes obvious why Public Health is not at the forefront of State Public Health Departments.

Vaping is only a hazard to Public Health Funding

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Wondering why nicotine gets such bad press? Check out the second mind-blowing video from

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