VaporZone Commercial for 2014 SuperBowl

Last updated on November 20th, 2019

VaporZone (Now Vaporfi) Delivered a Memorable 30 Seconds Within the 2014 SuperBowl

VaporZone, now Vaporfi, one of our top rated vapor companies surprised us by shooting and scheduling a 30 second commercial to run in the 2014 SuperBowl. The ad, which took viewers off guard with a bit of shocking humor, aired locally during the Miami/Dade County SuperBowl breaks.

We were a bit shocked too, but you've got to admit, it makes it hard to forget Vaporfi!





  1. This commercial was so much fun to shoot. Yes, it’s *mildly* suggestive at 1st, but takes very light-hearted & fun twist. The feedback has been OVERWHELMINGLY (over 90%) positive. Oh yeah–this version you are watching? It was only the 2nd take. The “UnCut” version ( was the 3rd & final take.

    BTW–I’m the big guy on the left.

    1. Hey big guy. Thanks for commenting! We’re all about fun stuff here too so the commercial is right in line with our style. We also love VaporZone! Congrats on getting the shoot in the can in 3 takes! I know what it can be like. Been there 🙂

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