Good News – Vapor Couture Re-Vamps Their Accessories

Last updated on November 20th, 2019

IMPORTANT! Vapor Couture Has Been Discontinued!



Here’s some good e-cigarette news from Vapor Couture, the first slim e-cigarette designed for women.  We knew they had a great e-cigarette product, but now they have a stunning, sophisticated new website design and a cool new line of accessories.

VC’s very cute clutches are trés vamp; styled to match a very “in” 1920’s revival. Of course, the colors are still distinctly Vapor Couture – Deep Purple, Rose Gold and Brushed Platinum.

Vapor Couture Portable Charging CaseThe star of the new lineup is Vapor Couture’s portable charging case. Petite and discreet, it fits in the palm of your hand. It takes up very little room in your handbag and it's great for the woman on the go. It currently sells for $59.95. There’s also a standard e-cigarette clutch for $29.95 that holds 2 e-cigarettes and 2 flavor cartridges.

The small clutches are metal and a real deal at only $29.95. 

Vapor Couture Smartphone ClutchIf you prefer genuine leather, consider the larger, Smartphone clutch which is more of a small handbag that doubles as a shoulder bag. Well constructed with lots of zippered compartments, it comes in black, red purple and white. I’m secretly hoping they’ll introduce a signature VC logo version as per the Signature e-cigarette color. Still it’s one of the first e-cig clutches big enough to hold your smartphone..with all the quality of a designer handbag. 

All these VC handbags make fabulous Christmas gifts. How convenient that Vapor Couture has made them available just in time for the holiday season.

But Wait There’s More!


Vapor Couture Sterling Silver Link CharmIf you’re not a Russian kingpin and can’t afford a Diamond encrusted ecig, you can still impress your lady with a Vapor Couture Sterling Silver charm necklace that can hold your VC e-cig for only $149.95. Trés Bling! Can't afford sterling silver this year? No problem. The same charm neckless come in stainless steel for a lot less.



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