Ghastly Gifts of Christmas Past

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Last updated on November 20th, 2019

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Fractured Vintage Christmas Cigarette Ads

Remember the good old days when you would rather get a carton of Camels than a fruitcake? Okay, maybe you would still prefer the Camels, but you're not likely to get them.

Perhaps you remember these vintage Christmas ads, popular back when e-cigarettes were just a pipe dream? We brought them up to date.


Fractured Christmas Ad-Santa Smoking- e-cigarette news

Fractured Christmas Ad-Philip Morris Ad - e-cigarette news

Revised Vintage Lucky Strike Christmas Ad 1950's ecigarette news


Fractured Christmas Ad- magic car cigarette lighter ad- e-cigarette news

Fractured Christmas Ad-Reagan -Chesterfield- e-cigarette news

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