What Big Fat E-Juice Has No Calories? Meet Vaporfi’s Chubby 100ML Flavors 

Last updated on September 19th, 2023


Chubby Gorilla Eliquids


E-Liquid Bottles Are Exploding – In Size, That Is. Meet Vaporfi's Chubby.

I’ve come across a few e-juice companies that are expanding not only their e-liquid selections, but their bottles as well. Vaporfi is one of the better brands producing big bottles in 100ml!

Does Size Matter When it Comes to E-Liquids?

Vaporfi, the ecig company famous for their enormous line of mix and match, diacetyl-free e-liquids, now has two ejuice lines sold in big bottles.

The GRND RSRV collection comes in 60ML bottles, but their latest line, Vaporfi's Chubby, has huge bottles! They contain a whopping 100ML of really awesome e-liquid flavors.

It didn’t take long to test out this line because there are presently only 3 flavors in the Chubby collection. Here's my review.

1- Deep Fried Apple Pie – Oh my apple pie! It’s amazing how Vaporfi created the true taste of the fried pie crust. Yes, I’ve tried apple pie e-juice from some pretty decent e-liquid companies, but this one takes the… pie.

2- Key Lime Cookie – This Chubby flavor is my fave of the lot. Okay it took me ages to open this huge, super child-proof bottle, but I’m glad I have100ML worth of lovely ejuice.

Inhale… close your eyes…and see the flavors. They’re all there, including the fresh baked taste of the cookie. The flavor is not too sweet (because of the lime tartness). It could easily become an all day vape.

Joosylicious – Love sweet, fruity vapes? With a decadent combination of Bubble Gum, Strawberry, Kiwi, Watermelon you’ll get it with Chubby’s Joosylicious.

This was one flavor I was reluctant to test because of the bubble gum factor.  Surprisingly, the vape is more fresh and juicy than candy sweet. Yes, it’s sweet, but refreshingly so. If you use a higher nicotine level it will cut down the sweetness.

Love Those Tiny Tips

Ever try to fill a vape tank with a dropper? It’s never easy dripping the juice into the right part of the tank. Either your e-liquid gets into the atomizer, or drips over the side of the vape pen.

Chubby’s bottles maybe fat, but the drip tips are super thin so you never miss your mark.

Like to Mix Different Flavors of E-Liquid? Travel A Lot?

Vaporfi now has 30ML Chubby Gorilla Unicorn bottles. They're the perfect choice for keeping your custom juice blends, or anything liquid for that matter. Great for travel to…and they don't leak. Just like the big bottles, they have a child-proof cap.

Best of all they're cheap – only 99 cents each. 

Vaporfi Chubby Gorilla Unicorn bottles

Chubby Gorilla Unicorn Bottles

What’s in That Juice?

Along with the description of each flavor, Vaporfi lists the PG/VG ratio and the primary flavors. They also include links to their e-liquid safety certificate, nicotine, glycerin and lab reports. Of course all their e-liquids are diacetyl free.

The Verdict



  • Big Size/Big Value
  • Great Tasting
  • Tested for Safety and Purity



  • Child-Proof lids can be Adult-Proof too if you don't have the muscle!
  • Only Three Flavors

Vaporfi is one of the top e-liquid companies and Chubby E-Liquids are yet another great line in their e-juice department.

They do have special sales on either e-liquids or hardware almost every week so if you want to keep up, follow us on Twitter!

Happy Vaping!



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