The Best E-Cig E-Liquids for June 2014

Last updated on December 5th, 2021

Review of the Best Tasting E-Cigarette E-Juice Flavors 

Vaper Taster Testers Chucky Chester and Little Chucky

Want to know the best ecigarette liquid flavors for summer? Our vaper taster testers Chucky Chester and his pal Little Chucky have the answers!

With so many ejuice fruit flavors from which to choose they’ve picked the very best…And they’ve got one ecig liquid flavor to present that is just plain cool for a hot day in June.

Our June Edition Features:

The Best Summer E-Liquid Flavors From Mt. Baker Vapor –


  • Guava
  • Watermelon
  • Cucumber Mint

All USP kosher grade flavoring. NO artificial color, Diacetyl free and No added salts or sugars.

Chucky: It’s summertime and the vaping is easy! That because we’ve picked the best e-juice flavors for the season, starting with our favorite eliquid flavors for June. They’re cool and down right refreshing.

Little Chucky: Let me guess…juicy, flavorful fruit flavors and cooling minty vapes. 

Chucky: Clever boy. Our June taste test features nicotine juice from one of our favorite e-juice companies, Mt. Baker Vapor. 

We love Mt. Baker because their smokejuice is 100% pure and custom made to your specifications.

Little Chucky: That means you can pick not only your flavor intensity, but your Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin ratio and level of nicotine. I’m a 90% Veg man myself.

Chucky: I believe the term is VG, although you can be a bit of a Veg at least 90% of the time.

Little Chucky: Why thank you. Let’s get on with the review shall we?

Chucky: This is one of Mt. Baker Vapor's 5 star flavors – Guava, with an 80/20 PG/VG blend and 2 extra shots of flavor juice. Mt. Baker recommends using more PG than VG because the richness of the Guava fruit can clog tanks more easily. Perhaps it’s because Guava is one of the richest sources of dietary fiber.

Little Chucky: Hey, you’re not supposed to talk about any health benefits of ejuice…at least not yet. 

Chucky: I recommend using any blend of Guava ejuice you like…just drip it into a tank.

[he inhales]

Little Chucky: [he exhales] – How exotic… and breezy! It reminds me of a fruit breakfast in the tropics.

Chucky: A delightfully sweet vape that’s not gag. So nice, it could even take another shot of guava.

Little Chucky: No wonder MBV reviewers rate it a 5 star flavor. What’s next?

Chucky: Next we have the quintessential summer fruit flavor, Watermelon also from Mt. Baker Vapor. According to other reviewers one either loves or hates this flavor, so we had to give it a try. This blend has only 1 extra hit of flavor in a 50/50 PG/VG blend. We also let it steep (left open with lid off) for several days since fresh made watermelon ejuice really needs to develop.  [he inhales] – Watermelon indeed!.. although not overpowering. Perhaps it needs a bit more steeping. 

Little Chucky: [he exhales] – True. The best thing is that’s there are no seeds to spit out.

Chucky: Watermelon fans should definitely give this one a try. Not an all-day vape for me.

Chucky: Mt. Baker Vapor almost always adds a free sample to your order which is a big plus. This Cucumber Mint has no extra shots, and we didn't steep it, so the flavor is very subtle. I’d get it again with at least 2-3 more shots added. 

Little Chucky: A great all summer’s day vape for me. No wonder it’s a MBV fan fave.

Chucky: That’s it for our June vape tests. If you want to try them too, just click the banner below. You’ll find many of MBV's flavors on sale as well 🙂

Little Chucky: See you next month when we’ll test out the very best selling ejuice flavors.

Chucky: Well said, if I do say so myself. And I believe I just did.

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