Our Vaper Taster Testers Test E-Cigarette Flavors for Easter

Last updated on December 5th, 2021

A Vaper's Guide to Easter E-Cigarette Flavors 

Chucky Chester and Little Chucky e-cigarette news Easter Edition

Spring has sprung and our spritely E-Cigarette Vaper Taster Testers Chucky Chester and his pal Little Chucky are sweet on Easter E-Cig flavors fit for any Vaper's Easter Basket. Here are the good eggs and the rotten ones.

Chucky: Testing e-cigarette flavors is always fun, but this month should be as sweet as your Easter Bonnet. Ready to give vapers your honest review?

Little Chucky: You bet! If I don't, I'll eat my hat. So bring on the tasty chocolates, candies and Chucky Chester the Vaper Taster Testercustard e-juices.

Chucky: First up is a few of those chocolate flavored e-cig favorites so let's give Premium Vapes a go. I've got their chocolate cartomizer with 12mg nicotine level ready in my Premium Vapes EGO model. [he inhales]

Little Chucky: [he exhales] Well..there's no nasty aftertaste; in fact, there's no taste at all.

Chucky: Strange. Maybe it's a dud. Let's try another cartridge. This is a lower 6mg nicotine. [he inhales] 

Little Chucky: [exhales] Now this one tastes just like a Cadbury milk bar! Much better. Send that first one back to Premium for a refund. Let's switch brands and try some e-juice from popular Mt. Baker Vapor.


Chucky: Bet you can't say Mt. Baker Vapor three times fast. 

Little Chucky: Not without moving my lips.

Chucky: Hmm. Very clever. Okay let's test some.

Little Chucky:  I'm ready for something that says “Sweet Easter Bunny”.

Chucky: I don't have any Sweet Bunny, but I have Sticky Bun. 

Little Chucky: A bit of a stretch, but it does sound nice…not to be confused with sticky bum which is not nice.  

Chucky: You would know. Anyway…. Mt. Baker Vapor Sticky Bun is a light .6mg nicotine level with a 50/50 Propylene Glycol/Vegetable Glycerine mix…the most popular blend I might add. [he inhales]

Little Chucky: Clever chemistry! [he exhales]  Oh my, this is awesome..and great clouds of vapor! It really does taste like a naughty breakfast. I bet it's great with a cup of coffee. What else from Mt. Baker Vapor?

Chucky: I've got 3 more fruity, candy-like e-juices, with no added calories and these will work in every e-liquid tank.

Little Chucky: Meaning they're not acidic and won't crack your plastic tank or clearomizer?

Chucky: Absolutely. If you want something like Banana Foster or Raspberry Lemonade you'll have to buy their excellent pyrex clearomizers like the Kanger Pro Tank 2. But we're keeping it sweet this Easter so here's Mt. Baker Vapes' Marshmallow. [inhales].

Little Chucky: [exhales] Not much marshmallow flavor and a bit harsh. If I use a hotter e-cig coil will it taste toasty?

Chucky: Not recommended… especially since Mt. Baker Vapor already has toasted marshmallow e-juice! Let's try it. [he inhales]

Little Chucky: Any chocolate Easter flavors from Mt. Baker Vapes today?

Chucky: How about Rocky Road?..It's chocolate mixed with marshmallows.  [he inhales]

Little Chucky: Now I'm thinking Easter Bunny droppings. [he exhales] Sure tastes a lot better than that! This is intense. I could vape Rocky Road 24/7.

Chucky: Mt. Baker Vapor recommends you don't, as their dark e-juices can quickly gunk up your tank coils. That's why I have so many spare coils on hand. Here's one you might enjoy..Vanilla Custard.

I've been letting it steep for a few days as recommended, since Mt. Baker Vapor mixes very fresh custom e-liquids and Vanilla Custard needs a few days to develop it's true flavor. [he inhales]

Little Chucky: [exhales] It's somewhat custardy with subtle undertones of vanilla. I might add an extra shot next time I order. In any case, I don't recommend you wait for next Easter to try this e-juice. 

Chucky: I recommend Easter flavors to anyone trying to forget about the taste of burning tobacco.

Little Chucky: Ditto on that one..and Happy Easter to all our fans 🙂



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