FireBrand – E-liquids Guaranteed Free of Diacetyl and AP Chemicals

Last updated on May 1st, 2023



Ahead of FDA Regulations, Firebrand Insures Their E-liquids are Free of Diacetyl and AP Chemicals

Many vapers and would be vapers are concerned about dangerous chemicals that may be lurking in their e-liquids. There’s been some talk, saying that if you vape a flavor that has a vanilla-custardy type note, it will contain one or more of the chemicals Acetyl Propionyl, Acetoin or Diacetyl. The Diacetyl scare has actually been debunked by one of the most respected pro-ecig scientists, Dr. K. Farsalinos but the general public is still behind the times.

With FDA regulations on the horizon, the best e-liquids companies, such as American-made e-juice company, Firebrand are using independent, third party labs to test their ingredients for safety. Firebrand tests results measure down to the ultra minute “parts per billion” level.

The company recently issued a press release stating that they would be discontinuing a few of their e-juice flavors due to third party testing and the company’s own strict purity and safety regulations.

According to a Firebrand spokesperson,

“The only way to guarantee Diacetyl or AP-free is for direct lab testing of the results at the parts per billion level. Unfortunately, we cannot rely on flavor suppliers word as some only test at parts per million.

To address this, we are currently auditing all of our flavor concentrates and final product via 3rd party lab testing to either confirm they are diacetyl & AP free, or to understand what levels they may contain so that we can address the issue.”

Firebrand has either pulled certain flavors from their line-up that came back with unacceptable levels and they reformulated current recipes.

Vapers will be pleased to learn that Firebrand’s most popular flavors – Tobacco Gold, Arctic Ice, Carnivale and the peanut butter compound The Elvis are 100% Diacetyl & AP-free.

Be on the look out for new icons on Firebrand bottles stating they are Diacetyl or AP free.

More Safety Measures on the Way

Firebrand is also undergoing a conversion to All-Glass Bottles.

It’s now known that PET plastic bottles, despite their promise of not bonding with nicotine, are no safer for long-term storage of e-liquid than LDPE. In the best interest for the health concerns of customers, Firebrand Liquitine is now moving to glass bottles.

Beginning in 2015 or perhaps sooner, products will be available in the following.

Liquitine: 15ML & 30ML glass.

Sub-OHM: 30ML glass only.

Firebrand is a certified member of AEMSA – The American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association. As a long time vaper, it's reassuring to know where to buy e-cig e-liquids that are diacetyl, acetoin and acetyl propionyl free.

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