Meet Chucky Chester the Vapor Taster Tester

Last updated on June 12th, 2024

E-Cigarette News is proud to introduce Chucky Chester,the Vapor Taster Tester and his sidekick, Little Chucky.

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Chucky and Little Chucky in their favorite get up for Christmas

With so many cartridge, cartomizers and e-liquid flavors on the e-cig market, and with so many unqualified testers flaunting their skills all over Youtube, we coughed up the big bucks to bring you the most qualified taster tester available.

You might say that Chucky Chester has million dollar taste buds; in fact, when we can afford to pay him, we’re going to insure those buds for twice that amount.  Until then, he’ll have to settle for adoring comments from vapers like you who want to know what e-cigarette flavors taste like before you buy them, not after you’ve wasted your money.

Here’s our transcript of Chucky’s most recent Vaper Flavor Test. 

Chucky: I always get excited about taste testing different e-cigarette cartridge flavors, after all, Chucky Chester the Vaper Taster Testerthere are so many new flavors on the market I’m like a kid in a candy shop. Whoops,.. bad analogy. Some anti-vaping lobbyist may cite that and we all know that only kids, (not mature adults) like fruit and dessert flavors!

Little Chucky: When I stop loving dessert flavors you can put me back in the box.  Anyway, people who want to get away from tobacco love flavored e-cigs. Even my psychiatrist says it helps you forget about smoking real cigarettes.

Chucky: You’re right, but you’re over-sharing.

Little Chucky: So bring on the e-cig flavors! What’s up first?

Chucky: Let’s start with  VaporFi.  Fom what we’ve been told, their American made e-liquids are selling like hot cakes.

Little Chucky: More like Birthday Cakes and ‘Smores.

Chucky: Well you’re right. I can confirm, they do have all those wacky, flavors.

Little Chucky: Let’s test some! I hope you’ve filled the Cartomizer cause my fingers don’t work.

Chucky: That’s the thing with refillable cartomizers, unlike the cigalikes, there’s a bit of DIY with refillable tanks and e-liquids. Vaporfi is not your grandad’s e-cigarette.

Little Chucky: Hey, don’t steal my jokes!


Chucky: My point is that VaporFi is known for their sleek, modern, high-powered, high-functioning vaporizers that give vapers blazing battery power and amazing vapor volume….and their eliquids are diacetyl free.

Little Chucky: That's a mouthful, but how do they taste?

Chucky: Let’s try one of their best sellers – Top Shelf Bourbon.

Little Chucky: Sounds intoxicating.

Chucky: {inhales}

Little Chucky: {exhales vapor}  This is lovely! Smooth and rich without burning your throat. It would go great with the evening newspaper and my slippers.

Chucky: Sorry, they don’t make those flavors yet, but Top Shelf Bourbon does go well with Apple and Strawberry. You can mix up to three Vaporfi flavors, you know.

Little Chucky: Any more Vaporfi flavors to try before I get too relaxed?

Chucky: Not until we use up that tankful; – and that can easily last as long as 25-30 cigarettes.

Little Chucky: Excellent! In the meantime, hit that Vaporfi banner for me, will you? I have a sudden urge to order some Marshmallow-Tobacco-Mint e-liquid.

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