Your 2015 Love Horoscope by Percy

Last updated on December 24th, 2019

Percy's Probable Love Horoscopes for 2015



Percy's Love Horoscope e-cigarette news

We’re so pleased Percy the Indian Ringneck Parakeet with a pension for probable predictions is back with you Love Horoscope for 2015!

This time Percy’s perched on a pretty pink vape, which means he’s prepared to present vapers and would be vapers with your 2015 Love Horoscopes. Take heed! The amazing Percy is rarely wrong.


Aquarius Zodiac signAquarius – Are you ready for Jupiter? Until June the planet's influence will keep bringing you luck and new opportunities in marriage, relationships and partnerships. Use your creative nature and channel those passionate energies into self-improvement. Take some CEU classes, get back in shape, get sexy with a frivolous gift like that cool VaporFi Vaporizer and say goodbye to tobacco breath forever. 



Pisces – The gods of work are visiting your House this year which mean lots of opportunities! You may be preoccupied and not very amorous, but you be blessed with lots of energy! Perhaps you should switch from vaping cool menthol ecigs to sensual chocolate flavors?


Aries Zodiac SignAries –  Don’t be surprised if someone doesn’t try to hit you over the head with a box mod this season. Your usual headstrong demeanor is in rare form. Once Jupiter turns direct, he will improve your love life so expect things to get better. Relax! Gently take that tank and fill it with your favorite  e-liquid. Chill out and practice your poetry. Your lover will thank you.


Taurus Zodiac signTaurus -Emotional intimacy will be very high your agenda, but resist being reckless in love! I suggest if you feel reckless, do something that won’t affect your love life. Take a trip and risk vaping on an airplane. Things start to chill by April and you may get frugal with those gifts of love. Still, calmness, serenity and harmony will carry to through. 


Gemini Zodiac signGemini – Jupiter is in Leo so get ready for fun! Travel and adventure are on the horizon so stock up on those e-liquids and buy lots of ziplock bags. Expect your social community and circle of friends to grow and there may be some forbidden fruit tempting you to cheat.


Cancer Zodiac signCancer – Pluto and Saturn make crazy Love House guests that keep things fascinating and challenging. Expect to be bewitched, bothered and bewildered for the first half of the year and be prepared to make some radical decisions by summer. Stay focused and they will lead to a happy, loving event! Hey…your spouse may just give up those ciggies.


Leo Zodiac signLeo – You’re in luck Leo. The first part of the year will be without drama. You’ve even got a happy Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter triangle going for you that spells romance and money! Work and pleasure go together like VaporFi's Top Shelf Bourbon and Apple e-juice; at least until late fall when holiday obligations emerge. Make that list early!


Virgo Zodiac signVirgo -The winter weather will have you longing to either travel or to just get away from a stuffy inside environment, especially if a family member still smokes at home! You deserve a breath of fresh air. Get away if you can; even if stubborn Mercury is in retrograde.


Libra Zodiac SignLibra – You may rekindle and old relationship at the start of the year, so be prepared for some excitement that may include conflict. Don’t loose your cool! Be as lovable and forgiving as you can. Gifts and kindness are in order; so is a healthy dose of humor. 


Scorpio Zodiac signScorpio – Your love stars focus on health this year, so eat right, sleep tight and throw away that emergency pack of Camels that are probably stale anyway. You can’t have a healthy love life if you get out of breath after a few kisses! The late summer is sure to bring new opportunities so take time now to get in shape for romantic adventures to come.


Sagittarius Zodiac signSagittarius – This year will be positively shocking and at times you may feel neglected. Don’t be afraid to step boldly into new territory. It’s a trip in itself!


Capricorn Zodiac sign

Capricorn – Venus will give a big boost to your love life this year and it's been long overdue so make her a welcome guest and she’ll bring you happiness and good luck. I recommend one of my avian favorites; a Love Birds E-Cigarette Kit for Valentine's Day. In other words, buy 2 starter kits instead of 1. The couple who vapes together stays together. It's a promise as well as a prediction!


Wishing you love, health, wealth and happiness during the month of love and all through the year!

– Percy


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