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Last updated on November 24th, 2019

Ecigarette News for Spring 2015


The Latest E-Cigarette News Reports for Spring 2015

  • Scientific Tests Show that E-Cigarettes Do Not Produce Toxic Levels of Aldehydes When Used Under Normal Conditions.

Dr. Konstantinos E. Farsalinos presents tests on dangerous emissions usurping the false statements made by other scientists which were used to discredit the merits of electronic cigarettes. 

The results clearly show that of course you can generate as many aldehydes as you want from an e-cigarette. But you have to abuse it, to overheat the liquid at levels which no vaper could withstand.

Dr. K. Farsalinos


  • Court Rules That Tax on E-Cigarettes is Unconstitutional

In a bold move that has caught the attention of lawmakers worldwide, Italy's Constitutional Court ruled that the 58.5% ‘super tax' on electronic cigarettes is unconstitutional. The court's decision is based on the fact that e-cigarettes do not meet the same parameters on tobacco cigarettes which are recognized as “seriously toxic for health”. 

  • The US Food and Drug Association (FDA) holds A Public Workshop – Electronic Cigarettes and the Public Health

In preparation for the “soon be be released” FDA regulations on e-cigarettes, the agency has called another workshop, this time in early June. The FDA is inviting scientific and medical experts, interested participants from academia, public health organizations, federal, state and local government agencies, the tobacco industry and other interested stakeholders. The objective is to “gather scientific information and stimulate discussion among scientists regarding the impact of e-cigarettes on population health.”

E-cigarettenews, along with many health organizations believe this is a positive move towards fair e-cigarette regulations as the press has been plagued with politically motivated anti-scientific misinformation regarding the safety of electronic cigarettes distorting the truth about the safety of e-Vapor products. 


A class action lawsuit has been filed in California against tobacco giant Lorillard and its Blu e-cigarettes claiming Blu deceptively advertises their e-cigarettes as a “safer,” “healthier,” and a “smarter alternative to traditional cigarettes”. The Plaintiff, Larry Diek claims ads such as, “Why quit? Switch to BLU,” are misleading, since recent news stories suggest that e-cigarettes contain harmful additives.

There are many reasons why this lawsuit is both “dangerous” and “frivolous”. Read More…


It’s interesting news when a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) survey completely contradicts the same agency’s anti-ecigarette press releases. The survey finds that as youth experimentation with vaping has grown, teen smoking has declined at a rate faster than ever before.  Read more…


  • Public Health Advocacy Group Not Blowing Smoke releases the second in a series of powerful YouTube videos exposing the political reasons behind the California Anti-Vaping Campaign.

Right on the heels of's first mind-blowing video exposing California Health Department's anti-ecig campaign to protect state revenues, this latest video uncovers the coverup about nicotine addiction. View it Now


Tip of the Month: When charging your electronic cigarette battery, use a surge protector to keep your chargers and batteries safe from power surges.



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