Mastervaper Answers Your Valentine’s E-Cigarette Questions

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Last updated on November 20th, 2019

Love is in the air, and so is the vapor from Mastervaper's Vape Pen as he answers your Valentine's Day questions!



monster-4From Mark:



I’ve decided to give my girlfriend an E-Cigarette Kit for Valentines Day.  I’ll need to buy something that’s a lot cheaper, but won’t make me look cheap. What do you recommend?

Dear Mark:

There's nothing worse than a cheapskate who buys an e-cig kit from a check-out line at the Quickie Mart. The packaging doesn’t exactly say Je t'aime, or “I love you” either. Skip disposables too. They makes you look disposable.

I'd say, go for a Vapor Couture slim e-cigarette kit designed for women, except VMR decided to discontinue the entire company.


Big Hugs,




monster-6From Clive:



Hey Mastervaper; 

I guess it’s not too late to start a New Year’s resolution to try e-cigarettes, but how much nicotine do I need to order if I smoke Marlboro Reds? I’m a pretty heavy smoker. I even tear the filter off sometimes too. 


Dear Clive;

You may be a heavy smoker, but I hardly think you’re a pretty one. Sorry, but I just envisioned an image of you that I am trying to dispel. I also presume that you are not necessarily “heavy”, but just smoke a great deal. Can I assume “yes”? 

In any case, congratulations on trying e-cigarettes! You won’t be disappointed and neither will your friends. 

But getting back to your question; Juul's got enough nicotine in it to knock you flat, but since you're a “heavy” smoker you may like it. Personally, I think the whole addiction concept is overblown, especially when it comes to tobacco harm reduction. 

Good luck and good bye to those Reds!

Happy Vaping,




monster-3From Lucy:



Dear Mastervaper,

I think you’re sexy and I’d like my boyfriend to try an e-pipe. He smokes cigarettes on occasion, but has never tried a pipe. Am I taking too much of a risk in getting one for him?


Dear Lucy,

I say go for it. DirectVapor sells some of the the best e-pipes on the market. If your boyfriend doesn’t like it, send it to me. I need a Valentine’s gift too. Make sure you order Apple or Vanilla flavored e-liquids. They are my favorites.

With Love ma chérie,



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