Mastervaper Answers Your New Year’s E-Cigarette Questions

Last updated on November 20th, 2019


ECigarette News' Very Own Mastervaper Answers Your ECigarette Questions!

It's a brand new year and our very own Mastervaper is back “almost live” with his own brand of wisdom and clever answers to your e-cigarette questions.

Perhaps when we make some money from this site, Mastervaper will have a live chat, but until then, he's almost live.

Anyway, people are trashing their Christmas lists and are writing New Year's resolutions. This year ex-smokers have more options. If you have questions about making the switch to electronic cigarettes, we've got the guy who can help. 

And now…here's Mastervaper!



From Colin:


Dear Mastervaper,

I like you because you seem to give good advice even though you’re totally weird. My new year’s resolution is to quit smoking and I’m willing to try e-cigarettes, but there are so many e-cigarettes on the market, I don’t know where to begin. Can you recommend a good, honest review site?

Dear Colin,

Happy New Year and congratulations on your new year’s resolution to get off the cancer sticks. Thanks also for saying I’m weird.

I can recommend two great e-cigarette review sites that don’t smell of self-interest and spam; but before you take anyone’s advice (even priceless advice such as mine), first think about what you want in an e-cig!

Do you want ease of use? Do you want a disposable or a starter kit? Do you want a refillable cartridge or a replaceable cartridge? Do you want cool colors and exotic flavors? Do you even know what I’m talking about?

If you cannot answer at least one of those questions, I forgive you. In fact, I’ll give you the answers because I love to cheat.

Start out with a good disposable e-cigarette. 

Be brave and order an e-cig flavor other than tobacco which can taste like a gent's toilet. E-cigarette companies are better at reproducing flavors other than burning tobacco..but that’s just my highly respected opinion.

Then, if you discover e-cigarettes are for you, make the move to a quality starter kit.

I can think of better things to play around with, but that’s another topic.

As for finding those good reviews, I recommend this comprehensive, easy to read E-Cigarette Comparison Chart. (click the link). It's always up to date.

I also recommend the excellent Rating Chart on Best E-Cigarette Guide which even lists the turkeys.

Good Luck, Happy New Year and Happy Vaping!




From Tamika:


Hi Mastervaper,

I know e-cigarettes are safer than cigarettes, but how do I really know they are safe to use?


Dear Tamika,

What an excellent question!  A very popular one I might add, but your version moved me to tears, so I picked yours.

I will be quite honest. No one knows if e-cigarettes are totally safe. That said, no one knows if the cholesterol drug you are taking will kill you in 25 years either. Still the FDA is happy to let doctors prescribe it along with other dubiously safe medications such as the smoking cessation drug Chantix.

I do know that unlike practically all pharmaceuticals, e-cigarettes have little or no side effects. What’s more, every ingredient in an e-cigarette can be found in thousands of foods. Even the most controversial e-cig ingredient, propylene glycol is in baby lotion, beer and Gummy Bears. We even inhale propylene glycol every time we use Mucinex and Aftrin nasal sprays, so put that in your pipe and vape it! I do. 🙂

The choice is yours…4000+ carcinogenic ingredients (tobacco cigarettes) or 4 FDA approved ingredients (electronic cigarettes).

Here’s to wise choices in the New Year!






From Sammy:

Hey Mastervaper,

Why do you answer so few questions? I've been trying to get my question answered for weeks.


Dearest Sammy:

I receive more mail than Santa, so I can't possibly answer every one.  Besides, I'm the only one on our pathetically meager staff that will put up with all that reading.

Speaking of reading, did you know that internet viewers can’t stomach reading more than 250 words per page before they get bored and leave? I refuse to cater to those statistics, so more often than not, I break the rules. I did just now to answer your question.  Maybe next time I'll get to answer your real question.

Stay in Touch and Happy Vaping!




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