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Last updated on September 20th, 2021

Dear Mastervaper….

First Question 

From: Disappointed in Denver

Hi Mastervaper. As the holiday draws near, I'm thinking of buying myself an e-cigarette kit! I tried e-cigs several years ago, and I was impressed with the product, but the tobacco flavored filter tasted more like a men's toilet than tobacco.  I'm up for trying them again, but I don’t want to get burned. (ha-ha). What do you suggest? 

Mastervaper: Thanks for your inquiry, Disappointed. I’ve never been in a gent’s toilet, but I can certainly relate to your revolting experience, as I too have gagged on certain exotic vapors. (not to be confused with gagging on exotic vapers, which is an entirely different experience). 

That being said, in my ten years of smoking electronic cigarettes, (and e-pipes) I can assure you that the quality of tobacco flavored cartridges has much improved. 

Vapor production has improved dramatically too. I know that the better, more expensive brands will give you better vapor production, so don't go cheap on your Christmas gift. You're worth it, right? If you fancy looking reckless, which I highly recommend, you can get amazing vapor from the better pen-style vaporizers that use diacetyl free eliquids. Enjoy your new kit this holiday season and Happy Vaping!

Best Wishes,



Second Question

From: Frank  D.

I needed gift ideas for Christmas and I came across your column on ecigarettenews. I'm intrigued, but I heard that some electronic cigarettes are full of germs. That’s disgusting. Is it true?  


Dear Frank,

Ah, a question with which I truly identify! Yes! Some e-cigarettes are full of germs but it’s not the fault of the e-cigarette, it’s the fault of the vaper.

Some people who use filter-type (not tank style) e-cigarettes have the nasty habit of filling the cartridge with e-liquid. When it dries out, they refill it again and again not realizing that the spongy wick thing gets dirty and harbors germs. So do the atomizer coils which are impossible to clean. 

I tell people you're supposed to replace the cartridge when it dries out but few listen. They call me an anal health freak, but to be frank, Frank, that’s one of the nicest things I’ve been called. 

I admit, I'm a big fan of disposable diapers, sani-wipes and those sanitary rubber tips for your cartomizers. Have you see those things? They’re like little condoms for e-cigs! People use them to share their e-cigarettes with friends. They're also a great for cheapskates who never spend more than 6 dollars on a gift….but I digress.

Stick style “cig-alike” e-cigarette starter kits don't need refilling or maintenance; they are sanitary, and they make excellent Christmas gifts for lazy friends and relatives who don't want to bother with cleaning an e-cigarette tank system.  Just choose a kit from Vaporfi or Apollo – the kind where you throw the Cartomizer away (or recycle it) when it starts tasting a bit foul. That’s usually after about 350 puffs or about 1.5-2 packs of regular cigarettes. Much cheaper and better for you than cigarettes.

Merry Christmas and Happy Vaping!

Best Wishes,


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Third Question

From: Jack K. 

I've been invited to a lot of Christmas parties this holiday season, but my hosts don't allow smoking indoors. Rather than spend most of the party outside in the cold, I want to vape e-cigarettes. The thing is, I have so many allergies, I don't want to find out I'm allergic to electronic cigarettes too. I do have friends who use e-cigs, and they don’t have any problems. Am I just being weird? Please help


Dear Jack,

I can help, and I don't think you're weird. Well, maybe you are, but that's okay with me.

People can be allergic or sensitive to anything, including e-cigarette vapor! I myself am allergic to my niece's bicycle seat. 

The good news is that there are hypo-allergic e-cigarettes! While they are not marketed as such, you can use a vape with a High VG e-liquid. You'll get far less propylene glycol, which can cause mild allergic reactions if you're sensitive to the ingredient.

PG is a harmless, FDA approved additive found in cosmetics, candies, beer, soda, salad dressing and even dog food. I’m sure you’ve tried at least one of those items. You can also get a vaporizer with a fill-your-own e-liquid tank, and buy totally PG free e-liquids from Kind Juice. Whatever you do, just get off the real ciggies. And my regards to your intelligent, well-educated friends who don't have a problem with you vaping indoors.

Good Luck, Merry Christmas and Happy Vaping! 

Best Wishes,


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