How to Choose Nicotine Strength in an ECigarette

Last updated on February 15th, 2022

Choosing the right nicotine level for tobacco cravings

What Nicotine Level Will Satisfy Tobacco Cravings?

Electronic Cigarette cartridges and e-liquids come in various levels of nicotine. If you purchase an e-cigarette kit on-line, (the best way to go), you'll be able to choose from zero to as much as an XXTRA strength level of 50 MG or 5% nicotine.

Here Are Some Guidelines

Many newbie vapers expect the nicotine delivery in an electronic cigarette to be just like a tobacco cigarette, but that's not the case.

Studies show that when an e-cigarette is inhaled, less nicotine is delivered to the bloodstream than a regular cigarette would deliver. It's actually 54 percent lower!

You probably know tobacco cigarettes have many added chemicals. One of those chemicals has the job of boosting the delivery of nicotine into your bloodstream.

The fact is, a 20 mg/mL nicotine concentration e-liquid would be needed in order to deliver nicotine at amounts similar to the maximum allowable content of one tobacco cigarette* as in a strong, filterless cigarette.

So how do you choose the right nicotine level to give you the same nicotine effect without the harmful tobacco smoke?

Check Out This Chart

Your Current Smoking StyleSuggested Ecig Nicotine Level
2 ½ packs or more per dayExtra strength (5%)
Between 2 and 2 ½ packs per day Full strength (2.4%)
Between 1 and 2 packs per dayFull to Med. strength (2.4%) - (1.8%)
Up to 1 pack per dayMed. to Light strength (1.8%) - (1.2%)
Less than 1 pack per dayLight to Ultra Light strength (1.2%) or (0.6%)
1 pack or less per weekUltra Light to Med. strength (0.6%) to Zero

Many vapers will tell you that with a cigalike e-cigarettes or a beginner vaporizer the higher the nicotine level, the greater the “throat hit”. Depending on your own personal taste that may be preferable,…or those higher levels of nicotine may produce an unpleasant harshness. 

Expect some trial and error as you explore different cartridge flavors, e-liquids and e-cigarette models.

Here Are Some of the Best E-Cig Flavor Cartridges and E-Liquids


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Happy Vaping from E-Cigarette News!

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