How Healthy Are ECigarettes and Other Popular ECig Questions Answered

Last updated on December 5th, 2021

There are no stupid questions when it comes to e-cigarettes! When it comes to answering those questions, there are no stupid answers either. E-Cigarette News’ Mastervaper has the facts and handles the toughest ecig questions with wisdom and good humor.

Here’s This Month's Edition of Mastervaper’s Answers to Your Most Popular Questions About Vaping.




From Kelly R. –



Dear Mastervaper,

How healthy are e-cigarettes?




Hi Kelly,

Thanks for your challenging and controversial question.

The very word “healthy” has become somewhat taboo regarding e-cigarette advertising and promotion. While there have been many tests and group studies over the past few years that have attempted to either prove or disprove the health consequences of e-cigarettes the jury is still out.

Some of those studies are legitimate and scientifically sound while others are skewed to favor political and corporate agendas. The truth will come into focus with time.

What we do know is that e-cigarettes are being recognized as a powerful nicotine replacement therapy and they play a big role in Tobacco Harm Reduction. We are also discovering that nicotine is not as “dangerous” as was once believed, in fact, it’s no more dangerous than caffeine.

A recent article in The Economist echoes what even FDA officials have implied –

Risks are clearly negligible compared with the ones that come with breathing in, several dozen times a day, the smoke from dried, burning plant leaves.”

So, are e-cigarettes healthful? Vapers and future health reports on vapers will be ultimate test.

I suggest you check out some of the related articles on our website that explain many current scientific tests and reports. You’ll find them under the Menu Category “E-Cigarette Safety”.

Enjoy your Vapes!

Best to you,






From Rob S. –




Hi MV,

I don’t want to use a traditional e-cigarette with a cartridge. What should I use? I want to use some type of an e-cigarette where I can add my own e-liquid that I can make from scratch. Any suggestions?


Dear Rob,

Yes there are electronic cigarettes without cartridges! There are many types of vaporizers, eGo’s and Tank Systems made so you can add your own e-liquid – even homemade e-juice. A great one stop shop for great vaporizer starter kits as well as unflavored nicotine juice can be found by clicking this Vaporfi link. Good Luck!






From Dana M. – 


Dear Mastervaper,

In your opinion, which e-cigarette company has the best selections and offers safe and reliable products?


Dear Dana,

Now that’s a tough question because even the great Mastervaper hasn’t reviewed every electronic cigarette company on the market. I can only answer from my extensive knowledge as of today.

Since I’ve been trying out ecigs for over 10 years, I will recommend a great company – Vaporfi

I’ve personally known smokers who first tried other popular brands of ecigarettes and have returned to smoking regular cigarettes. You really do want great vaper, great flavor, no hassle equipment and a decent throat hit. 

Oh yes..and congratulations on your winning our E-Cigarette News T-Shirt!

Most Sincerely,





From Erica L. –

Dear Mastervaper,

I despise smoke. I even hold my breath when I walk by someone who is smoking outside. I also find it offensive to have flavored vapor blown in my face at work. I think e-cigarette smokers should have to go outside, even though it’s just water vapor. Do you feel the same?

With respect,
Erica L.

Dear Erica,

I think anyone who blows anything in your face, be it cigarette smoke, e-cigarette vapor or farts, is just plain rude. In that regard, I feel the same as you do.

Having said that, I do not think vapers who are discrete should have to stand out in the heat or cold and vape amongst cigarette smokers. Cigarette second hand smoke is dangerous, foul and offensive. E-Cigarette second hand vapor has little or no odor is non-invasive and dissipates almost immediately. 

In close quarters; however, (like in a work situation or in any indoor environment), it’s always good etiquette to ask, “Do you mind if I vape?”

Respectfully yours,

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