ECigarette Vaporizers May Replace ECig-Alikes

Last updated on September 20th, 2021


E-Cigarette News' Mastervaper Answers the Hot Question, 

What is the Future of E-Cigarette



Vaporfi ecigs cut prices

Hello Vapers! The e-cigarette industry is growing strong and in case you haven't noticed, so are e-cigarette styles. Vaporizers (shown above) are hot right now, but will they replace traditionally styled ecigs? Will they kill the tobacco industry‘s plans to successfully sell cigalikes?

Going strictly by my “Ask Mastervaper” mail, I would venture to guess that the sale and popularity of e-cigarettes that resemble cigarettes (cigalikes) is still pretty good – but unfortunately my e-mail box is far from overflowing. 

A far better indicator is the lovely Wells Fargo tobacco analyst, Bonnie Herzog who estimates the overall e-cig market has grown to $2.5 billion, up from about $1.7 billion in 2013, with vaporizers growing twice as fast as cig-alikes.

So traditional ecigs are giving up some sales to Vape Pens and high wattage Vaporizers, where vapers can add their own e-liquid and e-liquid blends into a big Cartomizer or “tank”. 

I like to think the growing popularity in Vaporizer Tank/Fill-your-own systems has come about because there are simply more vapers who have reached the point where they want more power, more vapor and dare I say, more fun. There are also a hell of a lot of new Vapor Shops that have opened and they don't sell CigAlikes.

What About Savings?

Many believe it’s cheaper in the long run to buy a fill-your-own e-liquid system, but I disagree. They are definitely not for cheapskates, and I've met a few. 

Once you get into a vaporizer (which can cost more than a simple e-cigarette starter kit) you’ll have to buy more than just e-juice to keep it running smoothly. 

VaporZone Pro

Expect to buy new atomizers every few months, (as they do wear out).  Of course, you’ll want lots of spare batteries in lovely colors. I personally have more battery colors than Elton John has groovy eyeglasses. 

In addition, you can most assuredly expect to enjoy a healthy bout of e-liquid lust. The vast amount of flavors out there are irresistible even to grown men.

That said, you can always join a Loyalty Program that gets you free shipping or use my Vaporfi ejuice discount coupon.

Vaporfi e-liquid couponi

Seasoned vapers will also opt for bigger, better tanks with all the latest features like variable voltage and air draw options, to mention only a few bells and whistles. 

Some of the most popular (and best) devices, like those offered by VaporFi (advanced high-wattage and subohm models), are gaining in market strength because of all those cool new features.

So What's the Future of CigAlikes?

Frankly, I predict all the top companies will eventually offer vaporizers. South Beach Smoke may be the exception. 

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    • Harry Dragneel on June 23, 2015 at 3:35 am
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    E-cigs is my alternative way to quit from smoking, because it tastes nicer, has a great community set up around them, and vaping is an enjoyable habit and hobby for many.

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